“Cariña” – The Tale of a Street Dog with Distemper

A heart-wrenching story of a gentle soul, Cariña - a Chilean street dog with a life-threatening disease and the difficult decisions we made about her life. [Blog post by Earthling Echo]

Myanmar (Burma): A Journey in Photographs

As we reached our destination, a village in the mountains of Shan State, our guide from Namshan Mountain Trek reached down and picked up a handful of empty shell casings. "There was a fight between guerrillas and the police here two weeks ago." His casual response indicated this was normal in this part of the... Continue Reading →

Jack: The Dark Side of the Mind

Jack wept as his best friend died in his arms on the field of battle. Both were fresh-faced 20 year-olds, conscripted to fight a war nobody wanted nor understood. They’d grown up together, Dave and Jack; they went to the same school, witnessed each other’s first loves and first heartbreak, snuck their first beer, and... Continue Reading →

Maverick: Chilean Resistance Fighter

Puerto Montt, Chile - the southern gateway to the vast Andes mountains and majestic Patagonian fjords. At a corner store turned local bar, a heavyset man walks in. He has a pronounced limp and his face is almost lost amongst an enormous grey and black beard. Two piercing blue eyes tell the story of a... Continue Reading →

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