Jack: The Dark Side of the Mind

Jack wept as his best friend died in his arms on the field of battle. Both were fresh-faced 20 year-olds, conscripted to fight a war nobody wanted nor understood. They’d grown up together, Dave and Jack; they went to the same school, witnessed each other’s first loves and first heartbreak, snuck their first beer, and... Continue Reading →

15 Wonderful Quotes About Nature

Connecting with nature breathes new life into me. I go into the dark recesses of the woods to embrace those terrifying parts of my mind, my deepest fears, and understand them. It’s there, in the loneliest moments, staring death in the face I realise what truly matters. It’s standing on a mountaintop in awe of... Continue Reading →

Fleur & the Vine of the Soul

Aguas Calientes, Peru - the main access point for Machu Picchu; a small touristic town, its economy driven by wandering travellers. She arrived early that morning after a long and bumpy bus ride from Cusco. It wasn't the first time she'd taken this journey, but this time was different. She was different. Let's go back to... Continue Reading →

Tell us your story…

At Ōrphic Flux we believe everyone's stories are important. Along with our weekly short stories, we would like to engage with readers on a personal level, with the opportunity to share your story with the world. Please use the form below to submit your story.  

Welcome to Ōrphic Flux

Welcome to Ōrphic Flux, a collection of tales and quotes inspired by the fascinating lives of strangers. The author of these tales, A.M. Sanders, travels the globe meeting weird and wonderful characters, and keeps their stories alive with Ōrphic Flux. Every soul has a story to tell; a complex, kaleidoscopic mix of emotions and experiences forming... Continue Reading →

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