Charles Bukowski Quotes About Life

Charles Bukowski was a German-American writer of poetry and prose, whose cult image lives on posthumously. Often using graphic language or imagery in his work, Bukowski spoke with raw emotion, honesty, and lack of pretence. He wrote about his alcoholism, failed relationships, and his experience of being abused as a child. Bukowski lived a challenging... Continue Reading →

The Messy Parts of Your Life

A dear friend once said to me, "One of the most humbling and vulnerable things you can do is to invite someone into the messy parts of your life. The stuff you don't have figured out, times of difficultly or grief, the midst of questioning and searching, or in the uncertainty before a big decision... Continue Reading →

12 Beautiful Travel Quotes

Travel has always opened my mind to fresh ideas and opportunities, new friends and different places, all overflowing with life, love, and memories. There is so much wonder and beauty out there to discover. I hope these quotes inspire a wanderlust inside you that will take a lifetime of adventures to satisfy.   "I see... Continue Reading →

Tell us your story…

At Ōrphic Flux we believe everyone's stories are important. Along with our weekly short stories, we would like to engage with readers on a personal level, with the opportunity to share your story with the world. Please use the form below to submit your story.  

Maverick: Chilean Resistance Fighter

Puerto Montt, Chile - the southern gateway to the vast Andes mountains and majestic Patagonian fjords. At a corner store turned local bar, a heavyset man walks in. He has a pronounced limp and his face is almost lost amongst an enormous grey and black beard. Two piercing blue eyes tell the story of a... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Ōrphic Flux

Welcome to Ōrphic Flux, a collection of tales and quotes inspired by the fascinating lives of strangers. The author of these tales, A.M. Sanders, travels the globe meeting weird and wonderful characters, and keeps their stories alive with Ōrphic Flux. Every soul has a story to tell; a complex, kaleidoscopic mix of emotions and experiences forming... Continue Reading →

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