Orphic:   adjective | ȯr-fik;  mystical, fascinating, entrancing

Flux:   noun  |  flʌks;  continuous change, unpredictability, variability


Ōrphic Flux is a collection of tales inspired by the fascinating lives of strangers.

Every soul has a story to tell; a complex, kaleidoscopic mix of emotions and experiences forming life and consciousness.

Our individualism and deep universal connectedness, our strength and our fragility, and the way in which we all carry out the human experience  should be celebrated.

Amidst the organised chaos of society and the wonderment of the universe we all seek a purpose.

This collection of tales shines a light on the beauty and mystery of human existence, and the wondrous world around us.

Photos are by Andrey Zharov, Lee Jeffries, and the author of these short stories, A.M. Sanders. Artwork by Jessilyn Park, Saatchi Art, René Magritte, Leonid Afremov, Hiroko Sakai.

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