“Tumbling in the Waves”

Sometimes life feels like we are stuck out in the ocean, in stormy weather, just tumbling in the waves.

Our strength to hold our heads above water is not endless. We eventually begin to sink, exhausted, and ready to give up. It take enormous courage to push up through the infinite dark blue, constantly being thrown around by the fierce currents before finally breaching the surface and gasping for air.

It isn’t until we wash up on the beach, exhausted in body, mind and soul, we realise how much of ourselves it took to get there.

Recovering on the beach we gaze at the ocean, waves crashing about violently, and wonder how we even survived.

Flooded by this new sense of peace is not always easy to accept – too often we grow accustomed to the turmoil amongst the waves.

Making the decision to pick ourselves up and walk along the sand, away from the dangers of falling back in is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

But we must do it.

We must pick ourselves up and continue on, away from a life that perhaps almost ended too soon.

It takes enormous and seemingly impossible strength to face the deepest depths of your own violent ocean, but nothing compares to the extraordinary reward of washing up on the beach and remembering how you tumbled about in the waves, and survived.


Cover art by starfishyy at Deviant Art.

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  1. Yes, it’s very important to remember both what situations to avoid, and the techniques we may need to use to extricate ourselves from similar situations in the future (we can’t, after all, avoid all violent upheavals – life ain’t like that!).

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