The Messy Parts of Your Life

A dear friend once said to me,

“One of the most humbling and vulnerable things you can do is to invite someone into the messy parts of your life.

The stuff you don’t have figured out, times of difficultly or grief, the midst of questioning and searching, or in the uncertainty before a big decision or new chapter in your life.

Make sure the people you invite into these processes are ones who will both validate and have empathy for the feelings and emotions you experience (which are often quite tender), but who also know and value your heart enough that they will remind you of the truth of who you are.

These people will help you stay the course and see and draw out the best in you, rather than defining or judging you by where you’re at in a certain moment or season. They are crucial in championing you in living out your unique purpose. I am so, so thankful to have such people in my life.”


Being vulnerable and exposing the messy parts of your life is both difficult and beautiful.

It shows strength, courage, and self-compassion.

I’ve often been guilty of running in the opposite direction to avoid facing my demons, unfortunately to the detriment of some relationships.

I’ve come to realise this is okay. It’s okay to run and avoid things that are too painful to face, but it’s also important to realise you’ll eventually need to face them. Being vulnerable with someone you trust is a vital part of healing, whether that be your partner, father, mother, friend, therapist, or even a stranger you’ve just connected with.

I know how hard it can be, it’s an exhausting journey, but ultimately it’s worth it.

You are worth it.


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